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Vivid Entertainment Group

Vivid Entertainment Group is the corporation behind such well know porn brands as Vivid Video and Vivid Man.

Vivid movies tend to be a more mainstream product, staying away from gonzo or extreme porn, rather staying with a more tried a true approach. The production quality and settings are often much higher than much of what the industry produces, often rivaling Hollywood b-movies and straight to video mainstream releases.

Vivid has the Vivid Girls, contracted stars that work exclusively or semi-exclusively for Vivid during their contract terms, often making only a few highly regarded movies during a year. Vivid releases about 60 films per year, and actively and agressively markets each and every one to a wider audience. This compares to indsutry norm which is to turn out as much product as quickly as possible without concern for marketing or promotion. Vivid is said to turn about 100 million dollars per year from sales of the DVDs and other marketing ventures.

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