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Video on demand

Video on Demand
A site which allows you to view movies at a rate of either per minute or per download.
Video on Demand
Also know as VOD or Pay Per View, this is often seen as part of cable and satellite networks.

Video on Demand is the next revolution of internet porn (and mainstream movies as well). The idea is rather than becoming a member of a single site, you register with a VOD or PPV site and gain access to their catalog. When you find a movie you like, you can view the movie directly onto your computer at a rate per minute or per movie download. Some services will allow you to download the movie in a format that can be burned onto a DVD for playing on your regular TV.

With Windows Vista media center, it is possible with the correct hardware to play videos directly onto your TV from your PC as well, and this is where the largest number of downloads of this type occur.

VOD / PPV services usually have multiple studios, many stars, and many types of videos, with a much larger selection than would be available at your local video club. Some services also allow you to start and stop movies at any point or for only specific scenes, which allows you to "fast forward" to the parts you like the most. This is particularly good if you enjoy certain stars, type of action, or scenes.