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Valentina Nappi galleries

Hot galleries from sexy Italian pornstar Valentina Nappi:

* Stunning Valentina Nappi Hardcore Fuck- Valentina Nappi was way to horny to focus on her doctorly duties, so she asked her driver to find her a nice cock to work out all her horny desires. It only took her a few minutes scanning the streets to find Belcock, a handsome guy with a nice thick dick for Valentina to play with. She took him back to perform some immediate mouth-to-cock resuscitation, and made that dick shine with spit as it fucked deep in her throat. When she couldn't wait any longer, Dr. Valentina straddled her new fuck-toy and humped him hard and fast. Watch how this Italian sex-kitten's bubble butt bounced with every thrust balls in her tight pussy, until Belcock hosed down her mouth with cum.
* IT Guy Gets To Fuck The Office Hotty- Dane the I.T. guy responds to a call from the new employee Valentina Nappi who is having password trouble. He lets her know it's a problem with the computer and restarts it. He asks her to go eat since they are just waiting there and Valentina would love for him to eat, specifically some Italian. She made a good choice because Dane loves Italian food. She sits on the edge of her desk spreading open her legs giving Dane the idea of what Italian dish he's eating tonight. He'll just have to tell HR that it's a good team building exercise between departments.
* Valentina Nappi PSE VIP Hotel Fuck- It's a shame that one of my favorite adult film stars, Valentina Nappi, hardly ever visits the states. So when I'm in her home country for business I have to take advantage and dabble in some pleasure as well. I call Valenetina over to my hotel room for the night. She bring just what I wanted with her: sexy lingerie and stockings. I love feet and I love them more in a pair of sexy stockings. So after she gets dressed we get right to the business of fucking, not just her pussy either, but her feet as well.
* Ourdoor Nudes with Sexy Valentina Nappi- Stunning babe Valentina Nappi in a hot one piece bahting suit that can't contain her sexy body - this girl's ass is amazing!
* Eating Out Her Sexy Ass- Valentina Nappi gets her sexy ass licking out and then fucked in this hot scene, her butt is perfect for all uses and she ends up with his rather sizable cock deep in her tight ass
* Valentina Nappi Is Hot and Horny- Bill is stuck showing his sister's friend around town until his sister gets in. He keeps throwing out ideas of what they can do but she turns them all down. The only thing she wants to do to pass the time is ride Bill's cock and Bill is not one to deny his guest's requests.
* Finishing School Pussy and Ass- If you want to sample the very best pussy, you have to go to a finishing school for whores. There, they take young ladies with nympho potential, and make the classiest, perkiest little sluts out of them. Rich guys like Danny D come by because they can't get enough of little hotties with big natural tits, and won't settle for anything less than epic sex.
* Valentina Nappi Sexy Ass Gets Fucked- When Valentina Nappi comes to LA to make it big as an actress, she finds the only big thing she'll get is Keiran Lee's dick between her pussy lips! Watch as Keiran dominates the sexy and curvy Valentina until she's dripping wet with pussy juice! Then he fucks her ass too!
* Sexy Italian Babe Rimming Black Man - Velentina Nappy is a Sexy Italian Babe, Rimming Black Man With Passion and enjoying his big black cock deep inside