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Tommys Bookmarks


Tommys Bookmarks was one of the largest hybrid TGP and link sites online. It was started in 1997 and ran until 2015. Tommy originally got his site know by cruising around to various computer stores and adding his site to the bookmarks on the browsers of the demo computers, and the name Tommy's Bookmarks was selected in part to make it so nobody would delete the innocent looking link. For it's day, the site was incredibly popular and had tons of daily visitors. It focused mostly on freesites (sites with an index, inside, and a couple of gallery pages) and on locally hosted galleries. However, with the arrival of porn tube sites, Tommy's lost it's popularity and slowly but surely lost it's visitors. At a certain point, Tommy was unable to maintain the site profitably and in 2015, the site was shut down for good. He also operated a political chat board called DC Junkies which closed out about the same time.

Please be careful, the domain name for Tommy's Bookmarks has been bought out by people looking to profit from the name!