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The history of Porniki

The history of porniki, or how the heck this ended up here.

porniki.com was born on September 6th, 2006. It's creation was somewhat of an accident, a combination of circumstance, time, place, and the actions of different people on different subjects that started this.

The day before, during a webmaster radio show, Greenguy and Jim were discussing ways to make their adult webmaster resource board better for their users. They had run greenguyandjim for a couple of years, and things were going well, but things can always be better. One of the suggestions that came up was an idea to provide better information for people starting out in the porn business. A guide on how to build websites, pages, and generally how to get people to find their pornography and enjoy it.

The suggestion came from Sparky to create a "wiki". He downloaded a copy of the software that runs this space now, and started testing it out. Sparky is also my host for this site, and in discussion, he mentioned how this software seemed quite well written, and pretty well organized. I thought about this for a while, and realized that this software would be a very good way to bring to you, the general public porn surfers, a way to find out more about the porn you like, to maybe discover sites, models, and whatnot that you have never seen, and to expand your porn horizons.

The name porniki.com was a suggestion from Sparky, and I have to say I liked it. Exactly 5 minutes later the domain was registered, and 10 minutes after that the software was installed and the writing started. This site is owned by me User:Rawalex, but really is intended to be a collabrative effort.

More history as it unfolds!

More: As I have started to work on this project, I have (with the overwhelmingly good help from Sparky been able to see much potential and good use for this site. The reality will become more clear as the site develops and the many ways information can be used will come out.

Additional Stuff

As time has gone on with Porniki, it has become more and more popular as a source of information and links to porn. Every day, I add more pages of information to this site, and more and more people visit every day. Thank you for your support!

Updated December 17th, 2006

Porniki is getting a fresh new looking, taking a couple of mediwiki templates and mashing them together, cutting out some of the guts, and putting other stuff back in. It really makes the pages much simpler, and the navigation is now centered into two parts: Browsing and enjoyment at the top, and more intense stuff towards the bottom. It keeps the pages clearer, makes the main display area look much nicer on smaller screens, and let's you find what you are looking for first thing on the page, not buried half way down.

Updated September 16th, 2008

After two years of adding new items on almost a daily basis, the site is really started to take shape. More than 2 million visitors can't be wrong! Thank you for making Porniki one of the best porn wikis online, and keep an eye out as new stuff is added all the time!

Updated August 13th, 2010

Porniki continues to rock on, with more than 5 million page views and continued support from everyone. There has been many shakeups in the online porn world in the last little while, and it is constant work to keep up with the changing tides. if you see something not working, please let us know!

Updated August 17th, 2011

Porniki continues to burn along, with 2 million plus more page views in the last 12 months, we are at 7.2 million page views and growing. Your continued support for the site, and your frequent visits are appreciated! Tell your friends about pornik

Updated September 15, 2012

Porniki continues to be one of the best places to find porn sites and information, and continues to grow. over 8.5 million page views, the site continues to grow and new pages are added - plus plenty of cleaning up and getting rid of old stuff. Bookmark us and tell your friends, Porniki is a site you don't want to miss out on!

Updated June 12, 2015 =

Porniki goes on strong as ever, with constant flow of people coming to check stuff out. This year is a banner year with literally thousands of new galleries being added and tons of new pornstars, babes, and membership sites getting added to the mix. I have also updated the site with a new responsive design which means that you can enjoy the site on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, phones, tablets, and probably even on your pet rock. So keep checking us out, because [Porniki http://www.porniki.com]] keeps on rocking!

Update February 26, 2016

Porniki continues to add new sections and new pornstars, you guys have made this site very popular with thousands of people each week visit the [porn wiki] and enjoying the galleries and information we have. Thanks a million... or actually, thanks more than 20 million of you for visiting our site!