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Thailand is an asian country very well known for beautiful beaches, amazing resorts, and go-go dancing girls that are in fact prostitutes. Thailand is one of the main destinations for so called sex tourists. There are a very large number of shemales in Thailand, with the special name of lady boy. One of the risks of picking up a hooker in thailand is making sure that you get one with the correct parts for your sexual preference.

Girls from thailand are often very petite, under 100 pounds, around 5 feet tall, and very slim. As a result, these girls do sometimes appeal to pedophiles and other unsavory people. There is also sadly a number of underage working girls (and working boys) in this country, which encourages perverts from all over the world to visit. Thankfully the goverment has cracked down on this practice, and less and less of this is going on.

Thai girls also have a exotic look, often combining looks from asian and india together for a truly interesting look. Many asian sex sites feature thai girls.