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Texas Twins

Texas Twins is an older membership site that features near identical twins from Texas. There story from their site is as follows: "We are two 18 year old identical twins that grew up in a small western town close to Austin Texas. The town is a small conservative slow town that drives us crazy. To keep our sanity We love to ride our horses and spend lots of time on our uncles ranch. My mom and dad bought both us both matching ponies and we love to ride them as much as possible. What my parents don't know is that we both have a naughty side to us and you will just have to join to see how naughty we get :) We decided to do this site to save money for college so please join and help us out.".

Oddly, I can find no reference to their actual names. The two girls are pretty hot with nice smaller tits.

This site was closed, and all visitors forward to Real Teen Network. It is not clear if the twin's videos and pics are available here, but it is the same owners.