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Teen model

Teen Model: A girl who is 18 or 19 years old, appearing on a website or in video
Teen Model
A girl under 20 but of legal age.
Teen Model
A term used to describe girls in the porn world to suggest that they aren't doing porn or getting naked or anything, and are just "modelling". It's a term often used by non-nude or teasing models.

The whole teen model concept has been used in the past to describe girls who are trying to be presented as porn girls, rather to be shown to be innocent girl next door types. It is something a term used to suggest that a model may not be exactly of age, in part related to a time before strict USC 18 section 2257 model record requirements. Some people were also making sites that pandered to pedophiles, featuring girls under 18 in tight clothes, short shorts, and braless in tight shirts or rather see thru material.

The result of the inference that Teen model might mean underage means that many in the porn / adult world will not use the term or use it sparingly with plenty of context terms around it to make sure that it's clear the models are of legal age.