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Stunt cock

Stunt Cock
a penis used a scene in a photo shoot or movie to provide extra cum for a scene.

Some thoughts on the poor stunt cock... In the straight porn world, the male performer isn't usually the real star, the girls are. For many viewers, the male in the scene is sort of the placeholder for the viewer, and so it isn't overwhemlingly important who it really is. As a result, there have been many thousands of girls who have appeared in porn movies, but comparatively few male performers. Especially during the early and mid 1990's, you would see the same woodsmen in movie after movie. Ron Jeremy alone has appeared in somewhat more than 1600 porn movies, and directed more than 100 others.

For the most part, stunt cock is a derogitory term that suggests that the man is nothing more than a penis with a body attached to it. Skill to act and actually say lines tends to seperate the actors and performers from the pure cock work. Ron Jeremy and a few other of the better known men working in porn have certainly stepped up in their own ways to make better, funnier, or more entertaining movies than just "in out repeat".

Stunt cocks are sometimes used in movies to provide the cumshot or money shot for a scene, especially during a closeup shot. This is done if the original performer misfired, couldn't complete the scene, or otherwise wasn't able to keep wood. For the most part, all you will see of these performers is their penis, and nothing else.

In gonzo porn productions, a stunt cock is often the boyfriend of the female performer, and appears in the scene because this is the only guy she will do a hardcore penetration scene with. This is usually explained away by setting up the situation ahead of time. Many reality sites have a rotating cast of characters that perform, so this doesn't seem to be a problem.

On some model's personal websites, you will see a "guy" who appears in some of the videos or pictures, usually as nothing more than a penis and a pair of legs. This is the ultimate stunt cock job, as they usually get to do the whole deal, but don't actually have to show their faces. This is often a boyfriend, lover, or even the producer of the site. In that case, the stunt cock is the standing for you, a placeholder for your own penis.

There is also a move inside the adult entertainment industry to produce at least a few movies every year that aren't just fuck films but rather actually have some story, plot, and content to them beyond the sex scenes. Other studios, while staying in the very hardcore niche have stepped up to improve their visuals, and to create actual functional story lines within the movie that go beyond the usual "boy enters room, boy fucks girl, boy cums on girl" stuff. Studios like Digital Playground with movies like Island Fever 4 have stepped up the production quality and the content of their films signicantly. These sorts of movies tend to leave the pure stunt cocks behind.