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Step sister

Step Sister
when you father or mother remarry someone who already has a daughter, she becomes your step sister (ie, not natural sister)
Step Sister
Basic concept for incest related porn that allows apparent siblings to fuck without performing ACTUAL incest

Step sister / Step Brother / Step Father / Step Mother porn has become quite popular since about 2014 or so. While incest is a very taboo subject, with modern families often combining after a death or divorce, the reality of lusting after one's step sister or brother becomes quite real. It's also sometimes the case where dad remarries a much younger woman, and the son because fascinated by this woman who is barely older than him. It is very close to a Taboo Stories sort of situation, actual incest is for many over the line but implied step sibling stuff (such as on Bratty Sis or Family Strokes ) seems acceptable. Some push things further with internal cumshots and in the implied risk of pregnancy, just to make things even a little more naughty.