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The Japanese common name for a version of a turkish bath
An estalishment, mostly in Japan, where pretty female attendants wash, massage, and pleasure the male customers. The process differs from place to place, but often involve first a nice soapy wash and Soapy Massage, followed by a full body on body nude massage with either a lot of warm oil, or with more soap. This usually degenerates into a sexual situation, although actual penetration is frowned upon in Japan (penetration is the one act that would be considered prostitution). This is usually followed by another nice soapy cleaning, and perhaps another round if the customer is so inclined. Upscale soaplands often provide more than one attendant to each client, which adds to the interest.

Note: Due to the convoluted nature of Japanese culture, most non-japanese people are NOT welcome at a Soapland unless they have gotten a high end reference from an existing respected client.

Over time, Soaplands have become a little more common in Asia, particularly in Thailand and some in mainland China as well.

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