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Shanes World

Shanes World was one of the early significant porn brands. Shane was a female performer who was also the girlfriend of Seymore Butts, and she branched out to start her own branded videos. Her style was a little bit different though:

From Wikipedia:

Shane's World movies revolve around taking porn stars out of their element on trips to exotic or interesting locations and filming everything that happens in a documentary style. The premise of the studio's movies can be summed up as "The Real World meets gonzo style pornography". Shane's World has given many stars their start, which helps to increase their fan base because of the intimate look fans are allowed into their personality.<.blockquote>

Shane herself left porn in 1999 and sold the company. However, the Brand had such equity that it has continued on. However, over time it appears to have degraded down to a more amateur site, and really doesn't appear to have any fresh content. As a result, we no longer link to it.