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Shady PI

Shady PI is a website from a private investigator that specializes in catching cheating wives. His own wife cheated on him, and he only found out because of some hidden camera videos. So now he sets up stings and catches cheating wives in action! His collection of tapes is huge, and he keeps investigating and getting more explicit cheating wife action on video!

Check the site out:   Shady PI - Private investigator using hidden cameras to catch cheating wives in action.

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Hot galleries from Shady PI:

* Jessica  - Girl can't help but fuck her BF's best friend
* Tiffany  - This just couldn't get enough cock from her boyfriend
* Danielle  - Watch this guy's girlfriend cheat on him on video she isa stupid whore
* Rachel  - Spoiled girlfriend returns kindness by being a cheating whore
* Karen  - This bitch in heat fucks around on her boyfriend
* Alice  - Bride-to-be caught being whore-to-be
* Nancy  - Dumb whore wife took it like dog in heat
* Shauna  - Hot blonde wife can't be trusted
* Leslie  - Two timing slut wife caught on video