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Schoolgirl uniform

Schoolgirl uniform 
In Japan (and some other asian countries) girls are required to wear a very specific uniform when they attend secondary school.

These uniforms are usually a dark colors taop and matching skirt, white socks, and dark colored shoes. As the girls grow older, of course, the skirts and such tend to show off more and more of their womanly curves. Japanese girls use this to their advantage. Often girls who are well into their adulthood will continue to wear a schoolgirls uniform, often with a very short skirt, as a sexual lure for Japanese men. It is one of the most common fantasies in Japan.

That being said, it should be pointed out that Japanese rules regarding sexual contact between older men and younger girls isn't quite up to western standards, so some western people may find that there is a fairly strong pedophile tone to this. They would be correct. It is the equivilant to certain american models who are over 18 but appear to be quite young, often with braces, or wearing clothes to make them look younger. The line between acceptable fantasy and disgusting reality is often very thin when it comes to sexual matters related to schoolgirls porn.


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