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Sandy Summers

Sandy Summers is a sexy amateur girl original from Brazil and now living in the US. This sweet blonde teen model has got a really hot body, and loves to flaunt and tease her natural curves. She does plenty of public and outdoor nudity, plays with toys and vibrators, and does some hot lesbian scenes with her friends. A hot amateur that loves to play!

Due to changes made on this site, the site is either not longer available or no longer recommended

Oddly, the "official site" for Sandy Summers turned into a multi-model site without Sandy on it, and she has not re-appeared anywhere else at this point. There are rumors around that she was a victim of a stalker, who scared this girl enough that she left the adult business and has completely and totally disappeared from view. Turns out this isn't entirely true. The real story (from what could be pieced together) is that in 2011 or so, Sandy and her then boyfriend (now Husband) started making Youtube videos unboxing kids toys. DisneycollectorBR, Blucollection, and Fun Toys Collector (with almost 10 million subscribers) are three of the channels they operate, and they make millions from taking toys out of boxes. Needless to say, getting naked online isn't on the agenda anymore!

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