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Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy
Probably one of the most prolific male porn stars in the world. Since 1975, he claims he's had sex with over 4000 women in hundreds of adult films. He also has directed close to 100 adult films. His acting hasn't been limited to just the adult world and he has appeared in many non adult films.

His very hairy body, which he often shaves for movies, earned him the nickname "the hedgehog". Ron is also very famous for being one of the few pornstars that could earlier in his career) actually suck his own dick. The jury is still out on if this is impressive or just darn wierd.

Ron has appeared in a number of smaller mainstream movies, music videos, and even appeared on the TV game show The Weakest Link (along with other notables such as the late Gary Coleman).

Ron brings a strong work ethic and a flippant attitude to making porn, and his sense of humor often comes through loud and clear in his on screen appearances.


* Pornstar, the legend of Ron Jeremy - A really interesting documentary that debunks the myth of the man.

PETA used him as a spokesperson for spaying and neutering pets.