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Review sites

review sites
Websites that provide only reviews of porn membership sites. In some cases, the reviews on these sites are written by the membership sites themselves.

For a while, review sites were a very common type of site online. This was particularly the case for certain types of sites that would allow affiliate marketers to enter their information for different sites and have the review site send users to destinations from the reviews, using their codes. This was popular in part because these review sites offered a more in depth view of the sites and did better marketing than most affiliates, but also because it removed what Google may have seen as "bad links" to membership sites or direct affiliate links. The idea was also if the user wasn't sold on the site you sent them for, they would be able to see reviews for hundreds more sites and perhaps a sale would be made that way.

For the most part, review sites have faltered as an un-needed extra step between the user and the porn they want. Rather than creating more choice, some see these sites as creating the classic consumer confusion of "too many choices" which actually can make people not move forward with any purchase, for fear of missing out on the others. Also, with a large number of affiliate programs closing, merging, or otherwise messing up their link codes, it has been very hard for review sites to stay current, which causes friction between them and the affiliate marketers who were using them.

Most of the existing review sites are now stand alone or serve one company's affiliate traffic only, and don't accept outside webmasters.

Also, the arrival of Live cam shows as the principal market for adult material has negated the use of review sites and even affiliate programs for many adult webmasters.