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Pussy fingering

Pussy Fingering
To use one's hands to stimulate a female, usually involving rubbing of the clitoris or insertion of fingers. See also masturbation

Pussy fingering is sort of a two way thing. Women who masturbate often finger their own pussy, simulating penetration and generally hitting the very sensitive parts around the vaginal opening. Some women go deeper and attempt to hit their own g-spot from the inside while also rubbing their clitoris from the outside.

Fingering the Pussy is also a very common warm up or pre-penetration act, with the man penetrating the woman's pussy with his fingers to bring both enjoyment and to help to allow her natural lubricating fluids to reach all parts of her pussy. This may also be used by men who are larger than average to open the girl up a bit to avoid painful penetration. It's often used during pussy eating as an added stimulation, aiming for the g-spot or sensitive areas around the pussy opening to make the girl cum faster or harder.