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Promo updates to porniki

Well, 2014 went whipping by at a speed I couldn't believe. It's been a big year of transition for Porniki, as I move hosting not once, not twice, but 3 times in a year and managed to pull it off invisibly for all of you. Moreover, I have added Cloudflare caching in front of the site to improve speed and connectivity, and you guys seem to love it! More people visiting more often and staying longer, all the things I love!

Plenty of updates coming for Porniki in the new year. The pornstar world has been rocked in the last 12 months with a few unhappy situations and plenty of girls retiring and such. It's sad, but that means a new crop of hot pornstars are coming up to replace them. I am working on some new technology that will let me keep up with that overwhelming flow of new porn girls, so stick with us for plenty of hot updates.

Also, Porniki is going to go mobile at some point, a new site design is in the cards that will make it much, much easier to enjoy this hot pornstar site on mobiles, tablets, and smartphones. Stick with us, 2015 is going to rock!

Bookmark Porniki the porn wiki because 2015 is going to rock!