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Private School Jewel

Private School Jewel is an Canadian coed who initially got famous for a few sets of topless / nudes images posted on a European modeling site. Most North American girls didn't do very well there, but sexy Jewel pretty much took over and ended up with quite a following. Now this sexy girl is opening her own personal site, and we get to enjoy much more of her sexy body, tiny tits, and cute smile.

From her website, Jewel says "I'm Jewel and I'm happy to meet you! I'm a regular girl from the Midwest. I'm in college now becoming a nurse practioner but my first shoots were done when I was still in high school! Time flies even for schoolgirls! I'm single and very independent, I work as a caregiver to make it through school. Things I Love - my cat Tequila, my crazy family, my friends, classic rock, classic cars, classic everything! food! pizza, perogies, sushi Sex and romance! I never cheat, others do I don't! I am very bi-curious, I want it all!"

Her site updated regularly with fresh new sets, and Jewel particularly loves outdoors nudes.

Her Official site:  :   Private School Jewel - Sexy American coed who loves to show off her tight body and play with girls too.

Private-school-jewel-schoolgirl-uniform.jpg Private-school-jewel.jpg

Hot galleries from Private School Jewel:

* Mac n' Tease - Pigtailed Jewel lover her old skool Mac G3
* Life's a Picnic - Picnic table stripshow by gorgeous teen Jewel
* Jewel's Pink Chucks - Schoolgirl Jewel wearing nothing but her pink Chucks
* Jewel's Destiny - Jewel and Destiny make a splash in Las Vegas
* Li'l Cowgirl Jewel - Barely legal Jewel's first nude photos
* Nighty Night Jewel - Jewel in her jammies but not for long
* Sandy Ass - Teen model Jewel gets an ass full of sand at the beach
* Jewel Does Farmville - Naked schoolgirl Jewel visits Farmville
* Cottage Life - Join Jewel as she romps naked through the woodland
* Lollipop Leaguer - Teen dream Jewel reppin' the Great White North
* Summer Luvin - That's a lot of sand in Jewel's vagina
* Cherries Jewelbilee - Teen dream Jewel keeping her cherry all to herself
* Class Teen Ass - Horndog professor keeps Private School Jewel after class
* Country Living - Daisy Duke got nuthin' on Private School Jewel
* Tight Teen - Barely legal teen Jewel's cover photoshoot
* Breaking the Rules - Private School Jewel out of uniform again
* Back to School - Don't tell Principal Skinner Jewel is naked on school property
* Jewel of the Jungle - Teen web model caught naked on jungle gym
* Swingtime - Naked schoolgir Jewel takes over playground
* Jewel's Tight End  - Jewel gives a better halftime show than Janet Jackson
* Hangtime - Jewel doesn't seem to be wearing any panties
* Porn Swag - Teen model Jewel showing off her new gear from FreeOnes
* Winter Bush  - Canadian teen Jewel ready for winter
* Jewel Kickin' It - A little strip on the soccer pitch
* Going Downtown  - Jewel gives some office workers a free show
* Be My Sweepea - Jewel is feeling sweepea very sweapee
* Dots on the Rocks - Teen Jewel likes it on the rocks
* Sailor Moonin' - Jewel says who needs clothes out at the lake
* Farm Fresh  - Jewel down on the farm au naturel
* Sexy in Sequins - Jewel is off to the club in sequined mini