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Privacy Policy

Porniki does not collect any personal information about it's visitors. You are not required to be a member or pay a fee to visit or enjoy Porniki, and you are not required to disclose any personal information.

Porniki collection information regarding your visit only for purposes of site statistics and page usage. We combine all of this information into a block of statistics to look for the things that our visitors enjoy most, and to identify any issues that might occur. These are aggregate stats, not attributed to any single computer or user.

Porniki cannot control the actions of third party sites that you may visit from our site. While we make all normal efforts to assure that all of the links on our site are functional and bring you to reasonable sites, the dynamic nature of the internet makes this impossible. We cannot and do no actively monitor the privacy policy of linked sites or pages, so you visit any external link at your own risk. Please consult destination sites for more information on their privacy policy.

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