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Porniki The Porn Wiki:Privacy policy

The only information retained from your visit to this site is that of a statistical nature, and only information that is generally made available by your browser as you visit this site. Those thinks include IP address, the page that refered you to our site (if there was one) and the type of browser and such that you are using to access the site. This information is not store in a way that can directly connect it to any single user except in relation to IP address.

These stats are compiled as a group, and overall information is reviewed as it pertains only to the good operation of this website. We do not intentionally collect any information that can be tracked back to you, nor do we make any information about your visits available to third parties without your express permission.

We do not ask for credit cards, names, or personal information on this site, and we store no personal information about you.


Please understand that for security and legal purposes, careful tracking audits of all modifications on this website are maintained. In those circumstances, we retain information such as IP, date, UserID, and the details of any new pages or edited pages that have occured during your user session. By signing up and accepting an account with us, you accept that your actions and movements inside the site may be monitored to assure compliance with applicable laws. You are responsible for any and all material that you post on this site. PORNIKI.COM will cooperate with law enforcement as needed to track down and punish anyone who distributes illegal material through this system, violates copyright, or uses this system to abuse, slander, or malign any third party or the site itself.

Govern yourself accordingly!

Please enjoy the site wisely.