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Porniki The Porn Wiki:General disclaimer

The material on this site is presented on an "as is" basis. The owners of this site and the contributors do not certify or guarantee the complete accuracy of the information on this site. Our staff and contributors work dilligently to present information that we feel is relevant and hopefully accurate, but accept that in the world of the internet that inaccurancies, mis-quotes, dead links, and urban legend may creep onto the pages from time to time.

Further, the contributors to this site are encouraged to be open, chatty, and witty in their posts. This may occassionally lead to jokes or subtle humor that might not be humorous to all. We are VERY tolerant of a wide collection of opinions, and we are willing to listen to your complaints. However, understand that this is an adult site, and material on this site will discuss and express frank sexual terms and situations, and may make refernece, describe, or even potentially link to acts or situations that you personally find offensive, but may be acceptable to others. It's porn, figure it out. You are free to leave at any time, just close your browser window. If you don't like what you are seeing, click the back button or close your browser. If something is clearly illegal , or you find links to illegal material (not just immoral but actually illegal) then please contact us.

This service is subject to termintion at any time. No warrantees, express or implied, come from your visit to this site or any contribution you may make to this site. Further, you are entirely responsible for your own computer and connection to the internet to connect to this site. We are not responsible for network outages or issues with your personal internet connection or equiment.

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