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Porniki The Porn Wiki:Copyrights

Okay, here we go on a very difficult subject when it comes to the internet.

I am a pretty big supporter of copyright holder's rights, I think that making sure that the creators and purveyors of the adult material we enjoy are properly paid for their work, and that the models, producers, and other people are able to make an appropriate and honest living. I don't like anyone taking advantage of anyone.

That being said, I am also a big believer in fair use, and logical use of images and related material when it pertains to promotion of or discussion of a website, model, or event. Attribution is very, very important! As a result, every image used on this site will link to either the site in question or to the model from that site. More often than not, there will also be an attribution of the images on the pages they are used as well. The images used are only from sites or models that are linked here - no random use. Fair use. Also, unless special circumstances arise, images are typically 400px by 400px or less. We don't want to infringe with full size images.

If you are a copyright holder and have any issues with any of the content of this website, please let us know. We will examine all copyright claims and issues with proper care.

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