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Please Bang My Wife

Please Bang My Wife is actually a pretty weird concept, but something that works out pretty well. The concept is simple: Husband either can't satify his wife, his wife wants to try a bigger cock, or the husband is a cockold and likes the abuse. No matter the reasons, couples come in, and the hot wives are soon stripped down and getting slammed bigtime. Sometimes the husband joins in, but most of the time they are set off in a chair and forced to watch their wives in wanton fuck action.

Some of the couples are a little "porny" looking for their own good, but a little suspension of disbelief goes a long way to making a site like this enjoyable. The fucking is hardcore, and the wifes are really MILFs. This is damn good action all around.

Due to reports of credit card abuse by the site owners, this site no longer recommended

Note: The reports are not confirmed legal judgements against the site owners, but the owner of Porniki prefers to err on the side of caution. When there is doubt of concerns about a site, it is policy not to send users to where illegal or shady activities may be occuring

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