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Pink Salon

Pink Salon
A bar or club style in Japan where clients enter and pay a fixed fee, for which their receive a drink and a girl who comes over and gives them a blowjob.

Some people think that Pink Salons are misnamed because the girls rarely allow you to have access to their "pink" parts. The reality is that the name Pink Salon comes from the signs outside adult entertainment places in japan, which are uniformly pink in color. It makes it very easy to find these sorts of clubs.

While prostitution is illegal in Japan, that seems to apply only to actual "penis in vagina" sex. As a result, there are Pink Salons all over the place with girls suckign guys off day and night. Most foreigners are not welcome in these places, and would be uncomfortable in them because the action doesn't happen in private rooms, but rather in booths like in a coffee shop or restaurant. In some rare cases, girls may finish a client with an illegal full service.

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