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Pimp My Black Teen

Pimp My Black Teen is a reality based site. They take very ordinary looking teen ebony girls, and turn them into total hotties ready for the strip club or maybe to be high end street walkers or something... maybe they could be in an MTV music video or something. Instead, once they are done pimping these girls out, the whip out some big duck stunt cock and the ebony boty humping begins! These are almost entirely amateurs and first timers, and the action it hot and intense. Some of these girl freak out a little when they see how big the cocks are, but they settle back and take it deep like you knew they could.

Due to reports of credit card abuse by the site owners, this site no longer recommended

Note: The reports are not confirmed legal judgements against the site owners, but the owner of Porniki prefers to err on the side of caution. When there is doubt of concerns about a site, it is policy not to send users to where illegal or shady activities may be occuring


Here are some hot sample galleries from Pimp My Black Teen:

 The galleries for this site are not longer available through Porniki

This may be the result of changed made in the site, the site shutting down, or changes made by the operator that makes the site undesirable.