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Mr Chews Asian Beaver

Mr Chews Asian Beaver is a sort of combination reality / interview style site with an Asian niche site.

However, unlike many Asian sites, this one is aimed squarely at the American marketplace, and many of the girls are either half Asian / American mixed girls, or second generation American born Asians (ABCs, for those who are in the know). Some of the bigger Asian / American stars can be found on this site, including Mika Tan and Kitten Jung. The action is direct, honest, and without fuss, girl walks in, girl gets interviewed a bit, talked out of her clothes... enter stunt dick, hit the standard actions and positions, and deliver another Mr Chews Asian Beaver facial cumshot. In a sense somewhat simple, but very effective, and the fucking is damn hot. These asian girls really seem to like to scream when they have an orgasm, so you might want to turn the speakers down a bit when the action gets intense!

update 2012

Okay, some of you may know that this site and many others from the same owners were sold or transferred to some operators that acted like they were doing good, but they were in fact banging credit cards with huge charges and generally screwing people over. The original site owners (from 1996!) have taken back over, and the sites are back in better hands. As a result, we have re-added the link for this site to Porniki, at least for now!

update 2013

Well, sorry to say, but the "new old owners" pretty much abandoned the sites again, they are up and running but with absolutely no new content or attention paid. I cannot recommend this site at all, sorry to say.

Due to changes made on this site, the site is either not longer available or no longer recommended

You can find an updated blog about asian hotties at Asian Lust Blog check it out for more!