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Mexican hairless

The Mexican Hairless Dog is a rare, (almost) hairless breed of dog which can be quite variable in size. It is also known as Xoloitzcuintli or Xoloitzcuintle (the initial x is pronounced as an sh), Tepeitzcuintli or Mexican Hairless. Most owners of this dog call them "xolos" for short.


The breed ranges in size from about 10 pounds/4 kg to 50 pounds/20 kg, with an average body temperature of 104 °F/40 °C. Similar in appearance to a Pharaoh Hound, with a sleek body, almond-shaped eyes, large bat-like ears, and a long antelope neck, the Xolo is notable for its dominant trait of hairlessness. Many members of this breed are also missing several teeth. There is also a "coated" Xoloitzcuintle with a very short coat of hair, and individual dogs may exhibit varying degrees of head and body coats.

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