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To have sex with one's self. To play with yourself.
The act of rubbing the genetalia with the hand or other body parts.

Masturbation is a wide open field. In the simpliest terms, it is getting yourself off, something that most boys and girls learn early in their sexual development. Th rubbing or caressing of the penis or vagina is something that almost everyone has done sometime during their developing years.

For some people, masturbation provides the best orgasm because you are able to work a feedback loop between your action and the feeling you get. However, solo masturbation is often a more mechanical or physical thing rather than a mental thing, so the pleasure can often be limited by the solo nature of the act.

There are also other forms of masturbation involving a third party. This can include a handjob, footjob, or other friction based techniques. Often girls who girl the best blowjobs combine a sucking action with a masturbation style stroking of the penis, to speed along the result.

For girls, masturbation can be accomplished in a number of ways, using fingers on the outside around the clitoris, through finger insertion, or through inserting other items into the pussy or sometimes the anus. Girls can also achieve orgasm by rubbing against solid objects, applying pressure to the clitoris to achieve orgasm.

The most common masturbation portrayed on the internet is a solo girl using a vibrator, dildo, or other sex toy to get themselves off. It is pretty much part of the standard male fantasy to watch girls as they play with themselves.