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Liz Vicious

Ahh, the wonderful world of a goth teen. Liz Vicious is a a rarity on the internet in that she truly is a goth girl, not just a makeup job or whatever. She has the look, she has the attitude, and she certainly has the dress. She does hot posing sets, some neat goth and fetish oriented stuff, and even hardcore and lesbian sex with Raven Riley and other friends.

Her site features good quality images and video, much of it is shot very amateur style, quite probably by Liz and her friends rather than by pro shooters, and that adds to the true life vibe that this site gives off. However, her site was sort of semi-abandoned for a while, apparently Liz either got bored of doing it or had some issues outside of running the site. She returned for a short time and then once again walked away from the site. It was turned into a semi-social goth site that really didn't seem to do anything for anyone, and in early 2014, the site went dark along with the sites of Raven Riley and other amateur girls from the same group.

Due to changes made on this site, the site is either not longer available or no longer recommended

liink=http://www.porniki.com Liz-vicious-and-snake.jpg

Some good sample galleries:

here are some great galleries featuring goth teen hotty Liz Vicious

 The galleries for this site are not longer available through Porniki

This may be the result of changed made in the site, the site shutting down, or changes made by the operator that makes the site undesirable.