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Lightspeed University

Lightspeed University is a somewhat mythical place. It is the school where the girls from Lightspeed Sorority go, and the school they are cheerleaders for. There are a couple of websites dedicated to the school and it's sorority girls, plus a number of individual sites for some of the hottest lightspeed girls, like Tawnee Stone, Taylor Little and Jordan Capri.

There are two main parts to lightspeed univerity, the school itself, and the sorority that the girls are all part of. These turn into two great memberhsip sites that feature tons of cheerleader videos, lesbian sex, and just plain sexy teens. Needless to say, if you have any liking for any of these things, than lightspeed is probably a good choice for you!

Check the site out:   Lightspeed University - This is the main site with many of the girls featured.

Check the site out:   Lightspeed Sorority - This site features many of the girls who have been part of the sorority.

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Check the site out:   Lightspeed All Site Access - Get your all sites access to all the Lightspeed Girls!.