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Lesbian sex

Lesbian Sex is also known in the porn business as girl-girl or g/g. Without doing the dictionary definition, it is girl on girl sex acts. In online porn, it can range from "two girls near each other" to "fucking with a strap-on" and on to "lesbian cluster fuck". A significantly large amount of the lesbian sex material avialable on the internet as "porn" isn't aimed at lesbians at all, but rather at men that like to watch two hot girls together in action.

There are three very interesting reasons why there are significant amounts of lesbian porn on the internet. First off, there is the aforementioned "want to watch" brigade of men. Men make up a large percentage of the people looking for porn online, so obviously people produce what is popular. Lesbian or girl-girl scenes are also often consdered "light" for the girls, and is often the first step from just nude posing to actual hardcore sex scenes for many models. Finally, there is the factor of what a model's boyfriend, spouse, or significant other may want to accept in their relationship. Girls will often not do hardcore boy-girl movies if they are married or in an active relationship. However, their boyfriends are usually pretty tolerant of girl-girl action, so many models choose to go down this road.

There are a number of lesbian megasites, as well as various smaller speciality sites. Check out out Lesbian Sites List for more Here are some recommended Lesbian Sex links

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