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Lena Nicole

Lena Nicole is a pornstar, model, and hot babe. Born in 1986 in California, this hotty is notable for her petite figure ( 34A-24-36 ) and her wanton sexuality. This girl is smoking hot and super sexy, in a smaller, petite package. She sometimes appears under the name Lena Sunshine, which reflects her seemingly nice personality. It should be noted that almost all of her scenes (that I could find) are either solo model stuff or lesbians scenes. While I have seen some hardcore scenes, they appear to be either fairly rare or not exactly the same girl, but someone else with the same name.

hot galleries from Lena Nicole:

* Lena Nicole - Sexy Lena gets herself off sensually in this beautiful slow paced-video.
* Lena Nicole - For Sophia and Lena, the best thing about being room mates is the possibility to have sex anywhere, all the time.
* Lena Nicole - Beauty, love and sensuality describe best this torrid scene between Sophia and Lena...