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Jordan capri honeymoon video

The truth about Jordan Capri and her honeymoon video.

It's true. Very quietly, the queen of cute Jordan Capri has gotten married to her long time sweetie. She has kept this quiet because she didn't want her members to stop enjoying her site because she wasn't "available" anymore. It's up to her, no issue.

Well, when they were on their honeymoon, they decided to use a camera to film a clip of their lovemaking sessions for their own enjoyment, more just playing around. They transfered it off of the memory card of the camera and onto his personal laptop. So, here you go, at this point, the admission is there: There is a Jordan Capri hardcore movie out there.

What happens next is either bad luck, a hack, or a pretty good piece of marketing... take it any way you like:

The hotel they were staying at had a wi-fi network, and the laptop was connected. Apparently someone hacked in somehow and took a copy of the video and put it out on the net, where multiple copies have since been made. Most of them have been pulled down since, and at this point, I have not been able to find a full copy (but I have seen some still images, and they are certainly Jordan Capri riding cock cowgirl style.

Jordan Capri has apparently posted asking for all copies of the video to be destroyed, that there are no releases for this content, and that she has no intention of doing hardcore material as a performer.

updated information

Well, I think we have all been victims of a very good promotional campaign, as the pictures are coming out with full approval now. Jordan Capri Honeymoon blowjob - the first pics are here!

Jordan-capri-honeymoon-blowjob.jpg Jordan-capri-hardcore-honeymoon.jpg

You can see more of this on her website, click for Jordan Capri Honeymoon Video pics and stuff

Update! More Info!

heh-heh... I scored some more promo pics from the jordan capri honeymoon video... this time it's hardcore, pussy fingering and fucking... that's right Jordan Capri's hardcore honeymoon... these are still from the video, apparently the video is really hot! You can see more of this on her website, click for Jordan Capri Honeymoon Video These are some great galleries from Jordan Capri

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That's right. Now you can get your very own copy of the hardcore honeymoon on DVD... it't hot! Certainly something to add to your home DVD collection!

Jor3 dvd.jpg

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