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Jaclyn Taylor galleries

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* Busty Jaclyn Taylor The Perefect Office Fuck- Keiran was dreading having to do yet another interview for the data entry position in his office. And guess who walked in? His ex Jaclyn Taylor, wearing a low-cut top and willing to beg on her knees to get the position. After telling Jaclyn to lock the door, Keiran instructed her to get naked and show him how willing she was to give him her body for one last hot fuck. After showing off her big fake tits, Jaclyn dropped down behind his desk and deep throated Keiran's cock like a hungry whore. After fucking her throat, Keiran bent Jaclyn over and pounded her tight pussy before blowing a thick load all over her face! 
* Jaclyn Taylor Sexy For Valentines Day- Jaclyn wants to look sexy for her husband on Valentine's Day, so she tries on different sets of lingerie to find the perfect look. What she doesn't realize is her stepson Chad is home. He spies on her as she changes, taking in that tight body and those big tits. He's always wanted to fuck her, and now might be his chance. He strolls into her bedroom and "helps" her change. It's not long before Jaclyn's big tits are in her stepson's hands.
* Mom Says This Is How We Do It- Watch moms bang teens scene this is how to do it featuring jaclyn taylor and Megan Rain as mom gives her young step daughter on how to properly put out on the first date, and how to make her boyfriend cum like a fountain