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Huge cock

Huge Cocks
Guys who are hung, with big penises. It is said that big black cocks are generally the largest in porn.

Big cocks are generally a feature of porn. It's sort of showing the best possible situation. Average or small cocks usually only appear on cuckold or humiliation sites, where a wife or girlfriend laughs at someone's small cock as she gets fucked by a huge meatstick.

The porn world cheats a little on cock size in two ways. Often, male pornstars are shorter than they appear. Peter North, as an example, always looked quite large in his scenes, well built with big msucles. and a trim waist, his reported 8 inch cock looks quite a bit large. The industry also trends towards smaller, petite girls, mostly under 5 foot 4 or so. So when you get a tiny girl next to a muscular guy with a fairly big cock, it ends up looking like a really big cock.

Some sites also tend towards fisheye lenses and camera angles that allow them to "expand" a cock visually.