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Howard Stern

Howard Stern 
one of the most prolific radio personalities and often considered a Shock Jock. His career led him from many different cities, and usually was hit with multiple FCC violations until he was fired and then allowed to move to another city under a different contract.

His most recent contract was with Viacom(?) which ended recently as he moved from terrestrial radio to the Sirius Satellite Radio network. Having moved to a subscription radio and even to a channel that required a premium subscription, he felt that he had escaped FCC scrutiny. As a result, his show has become even more raunchy as he pushes the edge of legality.

Howard Stern has done many radio shows with sexual overtones including hiring hookers to play quiz games, butt bongos, bringing in sexy girls to undress and describing what they were doing.

I believe he was fired from one of his first radio show for instructing a woman to sit on a stereo speaker while on the phone as he buzzed and made noises into the radio to cause the woman to come to orgasm on live radio.

He was fired from DC101 for calling the radio station manager's wife and asking her how she got pregnant and requesting quite a bit of information. It is guessed that he did this to be released from his contract to make the move to NYC.

Prior to his move to Satellite Radio, his radio program was nationally syndicated and at the time, one of the most popular and profitable radio programs of all time. It is said that his new contract with Sirius is worth $500 million over the 5 year term.

He has proclaimed himself as the King of All Media, and as of this writing, he's probably not far off from his claim.