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Porniki is a website based on the "wiki" concept. Information is gathered and presented with relevant links, which allows you to find things quickly, and to track related subjects or sites. As the site continues to grow, the information becomes more and more finely tuned and will allow you to quickly understand almost any porn related subject.

Many of the words and terms on a page are linked to informational pages about those subjects, either definitions or links to related pages.

Each of our pornstar listings and site listings generally has a number of picture and video galleries attached. Pornstar listings have links to their official sites if available, or possibly other sites that they star in. Please note that pornstars are notoriously secret about their personal information, and often hide or disguise themselves with different names and such. If you can't find a star in our listings, try the search feature to look for their names or alternate stage names.

At the bottom of each page is our quick jumps to some portal pages, which can help you to find things that interest you more quickly.

Just below the Porniki logo on the top left of the page is two pulldown menus. Those include links to the portals and other important pages.

Enjoy Porniki. If you have any question or want more information, email to porniki (AT) monolithnet.com and I will be sure to answer you!