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Gonzo porn

Gonzo porn
Porn movies that are shot with a single camera, usually hand held, and often by the key performer himself. This gives the viewer a first person look at things.

The actual definition of gonzo porn varies depending on who you ask. The lines between reality porn and gonzo porn are often blurred, as both are usually dependant on a hang held camera, and both often "break the glass" and admit freely that they are filming. This differs from a regular porn movie, which normally is shot from a third person perspective as an observer, and not as a participant.

Gonzo porn is often another way of saying POV (point of view), where the camera is often held by one of the participants in the act, and often features much more closeup or tight shots of the performers, and their parts. In many respects, reality porn and ex-girlfriend porn are outcrops of this style of shooting. With the widespread availabilty of reasonable quality video cameras at lower prices, more and more people are making home made porn movies that are often very much in the gonzo style, without intention.

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