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Girls Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild was the a reality based porn company that shot to major stardom with infomercial ads, and then sort of blew up.

From Wikipedia:

Girls Gone Wild (GGW) is a pornographic entertainment franchise created by Joe Francis in 1997.[1] The eponymous company "Girls Gone Wild" was known for its early use of direct-response marketing techniques, including its late-night infomercials that began airing in 1997.[2] The videos typically involve camera crews at party locations engaging young college-aged women who expose their bodies or act "wild".[1] Since 2008, the Girls Gone Wild products have been sold primarily through their website as streaming videos, downloads, and DVDs.

Instances of Girls Gone Wild in popular culture include the appearance of Eminem and Snoop Dogg in the company's videos,[1][2] MGM’s announcement in 2002 that it would release a feature-length film based on the Girls Gone Wild concept,[1][3] as well as various references and parodies of the show in popular television series and movies.

Girls Gone Wild was created by Joe Francis, who occasionally appears as the host of the videos.

In February 2013, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.