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Free Porn from Australian Hotty Gigi Allens:

* Hard Work Day for Austrlian Hotty Gigi Allens- Gigi Allens's boss was so fed up with her watching porn videos all day he chained her to her desk to make sure she got her work done. But he didn't bank on Gigi's kinky streak, and her loving every minute of it. When Ramon walked in, she persuaded him to squeeze her big juicy breasts and set her free. Ramon broke out a few of Gigi's favorite vibrators and started teasing her nipples and pussy while working her hole. With a toy on her clit and a cock deep in her mouth, Gigi squirted like a fountain, gushing all over the floor. By the end of her epic office fuck session, Gigi straight-up lost count of the number of intense orgasms that made her squeal and moan with sexual pleasure! 
* Gigi Allens Is the Doctor With the Right Cure For Your Cock- Dr. Gigi Allens turned her love of cock into a rewarding career studying male arousal, and her latest project is trying to cure erectile dysfunction. She brings in two subjects who are incapable of arousal, and shockingly, subject 2 (AKA Mick Blue) starts getting hard as soon as he catches a glimpse of her beautiful big fake tits. Astounded by the unexpected boner, Gigi goes in for a closer look and starts sucking and stroking that fat cock with the ease of a trained professional. Mick fingers her tight pussy until she's nice and wet and then he fucks the busty blonde hard. Finally, he gives the dirty doctor a nice big facial, all in the name of science.
* Intern Gets Taught How To Do It- Gigi Allens is getting really annoyed at her intern's incompetence. It seems like he can't do anything right and that makes her very upset. The bright side is that when she gets very upset she also gets very horny. She decides to give her intern one more assignment before the day's end. His assignment is to lick her dripping wet pussy. Of course she doesn't stop there, once her pussy is nice and licked she has him stuff her pussy with his hard cock, which he eagerly does. It seems like she finally found something her intern is good at.
* Threesome with Gigi Allens & Romi Rain- Romi are youth counselors for the local community and it seems that Danny's kid is the ring leader of the group causing some trouble for the neighborhood. Danny doesn't want to get the local authorities involved. Gigi has an idea that they can keep everyone happy as she pulls her shirt open exposing her big tits and Romi goes spread eagle in her little red dress. In order for them to keep their mouths closed Danny is going to have to fill it with his big cock.
* Hard Cock Insurance Policy- Derrick calls Gigi over to get a life insurance policy. Before they can go through with the paperwork Gigi needs to make sure that Derrick is in good health, that includes checking his scrotum. She can't really get a good hold with his pants on so Gigi has him remove his pants. She then begins inspecting his cock with her mouth and pussy. Of course, they make sure not to tell his wife the rigorous test he had to take in order to get that life insurance.
* Yummy Blond Gets It At Work- Jill (Gigi Allens) is the finest, most diligent secretary that Brad has ever had. Even when she's not at her desk, she's underneath his, working long hours to get her boss hard with her thirsty mouth. Always thorough, this Aussie slut makes sure to answer each and every phone call, even when she's getting her sweet clit licked. It takes all her will power, but Jill manages to maintain composure and take notes while having her pussy pounded. For all her dedication, Brad rewards her with a little positive feedback in the form of a big white load placed right on her tongue.
* Gigi Allens Loving That Big Black Cock- Blonde Trophy Wife Enjoys Big Black Cock and sucks him good before letting him plow her tight pussy and fill her mouth full of cum
* Gigi Allens Gets Ass Fucked- Arty Babe Gets Anal From Client and you can tell she loves it, taking that big cock deep in her tight ass and making the guy cum all over her face ass to mouth
* Gigi Allens Horny In Red Lingerie- Gigi Allens teases her pussy with her fingers while in bed, her sex red lingerie is apparently turning everyone on!
* Cumming Under The Cun- Blonde beauty Gigi Allens loves to masturbate under the sun
* Gigi Allens Sucking Her Boyfriends Son- Gigi Allens is fed up with her boyfriend's 19 year old son, Jessy, that is until she realizes what a huge cock he has. After finding out this information Gigi is more than happy to accept Jessy and his huge pole into her life.
* Gigi Allens Cum On My High Heel Boots- Gigi Allens welcomes her new neighbor and his big cock, giving head and getting her hot wet cunt fucked by his big fuck stick, and he unloads all over her high heel shoes

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