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Get Listed

Porniki the Porn Wiki is an informational site. As such, we are always looking to add more models, more pornstars, and more porn sites to our wiki.

However, unlike many wiki style sites, we don't allow for open edits. The reality is our staff is small and the efforts required to patrol the number of spam edits, links to malware, and such that would be added every minute is just beyond our ability to control. As a result, our staff creates and curates every page on the site.

If you are a model, pornstar, babe, Page 3 girl, or Car show model and you want to have a page on Porniki, no problem, we can handle it!

You can send your info to porniki (a.t) monolithnet.com, please include the following information and details:

your name, your place of birth, your date of birth (don't be shy!), your nationality, your background, when you started as a model / adult model / nude model and what sort of stuff you do. Also include any stage names or alternate names you use.

Beyond that, you can send links to your images, details about what you like and don't like, links to your instagram, twitter, or facebook pages, your modeling profile pages, and such.

If you have a membership site, Model Centro site, or perform on a specific webcam service, please include that as well.

Please note: Porniki is the "porn" wiki. We don't normally list straight models or non-nude models, unless you are running a membership style site that is at least "teasing non-nude" or "barely covered non-nude". All models need to be over 18 years of age. We also accept submissions only from the models themselves, and we will look for confirmation of this.