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Francine Dee

Francine Dee is a very unique asian model, quite different from the oridinary petite asian girls. First off, she is a very outgoing girl, an import car scene model, spokesmodel, and all around personality, plus she has almost outrageously huge manmade boobs that will totally blow your mind. This girl is 110%, that is for sure. Her personal site is packed with hot pics and personal stuff that will tickle your fancy (and a whole bunch of other parts too!).

In 2013, after almost a dozen years of running her site and updating constantly, Francine has decided to retire from actively adding to the site and move on to other things. Her site continues to operate in archive mode, there is honestly so much hot stuff from this girl that you can spend a long time checking it all out. A truly hot Asian model!

Update 2016

Not surprisingly, after running as an archive for 3 years, the site operator is finally moving to shut her site down. Francine Dee did not reconsider her choice to retire, and so the site is completely down at this point. It should be noted however that there are some videos out there of her doing cam shows that appear to be more recent, perhaps she is still working on live sex cams or similar style sites.

Francine-dee.jpg Francine-dee-big-tits.jpg

Nice sexy galleries from asian import-car model Francine Dee

Francine Dee has retired and all galleries have been removed.