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Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham was one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom series, having had a baby at age 16 she became one of those reality celebs overnight, and has sort of lingered on the edge of true fame. Over the time on Teen Mom, she has upped her looks, grown into an adult, and gotten a really overdone pornstar style boob job, which is really funny to look at because she is otherwise a pretty scrawny girl with a small tight ass and previous small boobs.

Anyway, in April, 2013, she "secretly" shot a home made style porn video with porn celeb peen James Deen (he made a movie with Lindsey Lohan, where they spent plenty of time in bed, rumor having it that he actually did the nasty with her as well!). Anyway, it was suppose to be a leaked home made video, one of those celeb sex tapes like Kim Kardashian or Pamela Anderson, but instead it all has played out in the media before the tape has even been picked up by any companies, so everyone pretty much knows this is just a straight up porn movie. It could still be an interesting video as her "debut" in porn.

Her Official site:  :   Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom - download the incredible no-holes barred sex tape from Farrah Abraham!.

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