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Facial cumshots

Facial Cumshot
This is pretty much the standard ending for North American porn for the last 10 years or so. After all the action is done, the guy pulls out and unloads his cum all over the girls face.

The facial cumshot is the "proof" that the guy had an orgasm, and usually signifies the end of a scene or sex act. In rare cases, such as group sex or bukkake scenes, the girl might keep on fucking a second partner with cum on her face, waiting for another load.

Psycologists have also suggested that the facial cumshot is a not to subtle move to degrade women in porn, a sor tof power move for the male characters and therefore for the male viewers that might sympathize with him.

Facial Cumshots are pretty rare in the real world, unless a girl is tricked into it or pre-arrangements have been made.