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Ed Powers

Ed Powers is a legend in the porn business. He has made hundreds of movies, appearing pretty much in all of them. This is dispite the fact that Ed is none too handsome, a little older, and is hung like a very, very, average man (even a little below the average). His long running series of videos, Dirty Debutants, has been around for almost 20 years, and continues to this day to be very popular with porn viewers.

The movies all follow the same basic plan. Ed brings in new girls (often teens of 18 and 19 years old) that have never worked in the business before, and he sits them down (usually on the edge of a bed) in front of the camera and starts to ask them questions. He starts off pretty softly, and over a little while, gets more and more intimate an raunchy. His tehcnique is impressive, and within a fiarly short period of time, these girls get talked into doing some sort of hardcore "test shoot" with Ed right on the spot.

The action is very natural, the girls are as well. This series has proven very, very popular, with more than 300 different videos having been made (each having 3 to 5 scenes). Ed is in most of the scenes, but sometimes he brings in stunt cocks to add to the action. The camera work varies between horrible and downright crappy, but the rawness of the acts and the settings more than make up for the sometimes weird camera work. Most importantly, you can tell that the girl's orgasms are real, not at all faked, and they are truly getting into being on video for the very first time. It is interesting to go back on these tapes, as you can find many of the bigger pornstar girls got the start on the end of Ed's bed and Ed's petite penis.