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Double penetration

Double Penetration
This is generally when a girl is getting fucked by two or more guys, with one cock in her ass and one cock in her pussy. Some sites mistakenly consider one in the pussy and one in the mouth as double penetration, but really it involves anal sex.

Also known as "DP" or double fucking.

There are also variations such as double anal (two cocks in the ass) and double vag (two cocks in the vagina). These acts are considered both fairly risky, as well as perhaps a little too gay looking for guys who are not comfortable with two guys rubbing their cocks together.

Double Penetration is a powerful fantasy for both women and men. Men fantasize about fucking their girlfriend of wife in the ass while another man fucks her pussy, and women seem to fantasize about being able to let go and get filled up in every hole. The gangbang is basically a sideline of double cock sex for many women. Many erotic stories are built around this and similar fantasies. Some couples who are unable or unwilling to add a third person will add a sex toy to be the "third" for fantasy DP action.