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Double anal

Double Anal
A comparatively rare sex act, which involves two male performers inserting their penises into a single girl anus for sex, a version of double penetration.

Double Anal is one sex act that remains fairly taboo within the porn industry. While it is more common than a few years ago, it happens mostly in gonzo sites or extreme sites.

The risk factors for sexually transmitted disease goes up because that level of stretching often causes small breakages in the anal wall, which makes direct blood contact possible.

The last big AIDs scare in the adult industry came when Lara Roxx tested positive after a double anal scene, apparently having been infected by a performer who had been involved in higher risk activities after their last test. A number of performers were infected at that time. Since then, double anal has not been on the menu for most performers.

It should be noted as well that many straight male performers won't perform this act, because it is a little too gay for them or involves sexual contact with another man. It is also a type of act that many mainstream viewer are uncomfortable with, for similar reasons.