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Contributor rules

The idea of this page is to explain to editors and contributors the basic rules of Porniki, and the concepts I set out when I first got the idea.

First and foremost, this doesn't work without you. All of you. I know that, you know that, it is a fact of life. The potential for this site is to become very large (in number of pages) and there is equal potential for decent SE results and traffic from these pages. Porniki can provide spot on links for your sites and sponsor links, and allow you to operate from outside of your normal IP range or space.

Secondly, because I understand your role and the value of your contribution to this site, I have set up the rules for contributions in a way to best give you the benefit of contributing to the site. I will detail that in a second, but let's just say I don't think you will get much better of an offer for something that has as much upside potential as this project.

Thirdly, you know your selected areas well. I am not an expert in many fetishs or niches or the adult market, but you are. Conbining your skill and understanding with the skills and understanding of others in other areas can create a collaberative effort that will gain us all much more than we could alone. You don't have have to be a niche expert to cash in, just some time and effort and you are well on your way.

How does this site work? Well, this site is a porn wiki. The best known wiki is wikipedia, which is an attempt to index, well, everything. The nature of this site encourages links to different pages, like lesbian sex or Tawnee Stone or Cleveland Steamer. It allows the creation of endless numbers of pages on unlimited topics to essential unlimited detail.

It is as simple as sending email to add new pages, and edits and updates are easy to make as well. It is so open as to be a little overwhemling when you realize what it can do. The true power lies in the natural ability of each of us to create chaotic links to other pages, categories, information, and external links in a manner that will entretain surfers and feed the SE bots the food they love most: REAL CONTENT.

What's your benefit in this? Well, this is probably the best part of this entire deal. I know for sure that I can never write enough material to make Porniki truly huge. I understood about 30 seconds after I got this idea that I need your help. YES YOU! I want to make this great, and I need to make it worth your while to come to the table and contribute in any way you can to this project.

So, it starts with this: Every contributor gets a page like this: User:Rawalex. I know, not that impressive as a page, but the power comes from the fact that using the automated signature on every page your edit, like this:

--RawAlex 04:21, 9 September 2006 (EDT)

You can have many links to your personal page to boost up it's exposure (mostly to bots).

That is the small end. The big end is on pages, such as Tawnee Stone. On these pages, the person who starts and creates the page can use THEIR sponsor codes on the page, and can have the initial links to free sites or galleries. This is particularly good for linking into your targetted hubs or galleries that you might have built for a a site or sponsor.

Over time, it will be to everyone benefit to allow other links to content on the page, but your links will always be primary, and the only link directly to the sponsor site. There will be only one page per site, but potentially some extra areas for development (like say a Tawnee Stone lesbian sex review, or something like that). The more information that is available and real, the more the bots will love it.

Your other hot tip is to link into the areas you have created from your hubs. It can give you another relevant link, plus make the value of your work here go up even more.

Yes, there will be standards and requirements, I don't want people going out and staking claims on pages with just a site name and a link. There will need to be value in them there pages, and well written pages with nice links off the pages to relevant terms and other pages within the site will do the best. The "upper editors" (basically me for the moment, maybe some of you later) will also be permitted to come onto your pages and add word links to other parts of this site, to encourage traffic flow. This all needs to be done with a level of respect for everyone involved, and think of cross links as a sort of traffic trade of a chaotic nature.

There will be some very basic rules of decorum for what you say in the pages, but basically as long as you don't badmouth the sponsor (and who would want to do that) you can pretty much do what you want. The system supports images and other stuff as well, so it is pretty much a free game fun time to make pages. You can even have a little fun like I had with teen, telling about as much of the truth as you dare.

The site design isn't 100% complete, but the guts are here and the wrapper is coming together nicely. With your help and your contributions, we can make this turn into something that will make all of us some good money and decent SE traffic.


There are very, very few things in this deal that are "strict". Your contibutions are important, and the unique nature and the unique patterns to the links you create are important to making the site work.

The biggest rule is RESPECT. Don't deface or destroy the work of others. Do not change link codes, and do not remove links unless they are dead. Remember, all edits are noted and tracked, so there is no hiding. You can add to sections as you see fit, providing you stay within the editing guidelines. Respect also extends to not making ugly racial comments, or insults. You can post amusing stories provided the people involved either agree to have it posted or the people cannot be identified. Part of the permission to post here is that you accept personal responsilbity for your posts and your words. Think very carefully before hitting "save page"

Don't be shy to have a little fun too. Porn should be a fun thing, and having a little fun in the deal isn't against the rules.

There are individual rule sections for how to edit or create various types of pages and guidelines for keeping things reasonable. I don't want to see any one person overwhmlingly dominating the site, nor do I want to see hundreds and hundreds of links off on any page. Either the pages will have to be broken up, or something will have to get figured out.

I also want to try to avoid duplication. Please before starting something new, check for singulars, plurals, etc. Remember that you can couch your links in a way that show plurals but actually like singular, which saves a ton of duplication of work. You should attempt to link to at least one "basics" page on every other page, this will give decent chaotic links.